Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Step Forward

To our amazement, our homestudy was approved last week and our paperwork in en route to the INS! Yay! What this means (I have to remind myself constantly that not everyone's daily life revolves around this process) is that our homestudy, along with several other very important pieces of paper, have been sent to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department for our pre-approval as adoptive parents. This process takes anywhere from 60-90 days, although some other adoptive parents have received their "pre-approval" in less time. During our wait, we will be compiling another stack of paperwork to send to FANA. It's exciting that such a big step forward has been taken.

Once we receive pre-approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department, our FANA paperwork will be sent to Colombia for approval. At that point all the paperwork and evaluations will be done and the REAL waiting will begin. We are collecting ideas of some things we can do during that time. My friend Tori has been instrumental in coming up with some fabulous ideas for us. I only mentioned to her in an e-mail that I will need something, anything, to do while we are in the waiting process and Tori sent me about 20 articles and websites, with some really great ideas. Thanks Tori! If any of you have ideas about things we can do while waiting, please let me know!


Teegan said...

Yay! Another step further on your journey. It will go quicker than you realize I'm sure, just in enough time for you to perfect your Spanish! John-Ben and I can't wait for our little niece or nephew to make its way into the world and into your arms!! If you ever need anything from either of us along the way or EVER, we're here for you (like staying with Sally when you are in Columbia while Bradon is practicing saying HOLA!) :)

Love, Teegan

elizabeth (dundee) lampert said...

Learn Spanish. That's what you can do.
We can't wait to be side-by-side FAMILIES soon.