Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buddy Couple!

We just received word this morning that we have been assigned a buddy couple! Their names are Helene and Paul and we are so very grateful that they requested to be our buddy couple! We feel very honored that they will be our mentors through the rest of our journey to parenthood. The role of the buddy couple is really one of support through the waiting process, to give us the excellent and amazing news that we are parents (!!!!!!) and to provide us with guidance as we travel to, and are in, Colombia. I can think of no better news on a Tuesday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Future Nursery

Brandon bought our house in 1999 as a duplex. Until a couple of months ago, we have always used it as a duplex. We lived in the larger, 2-bedroom downstairs portion of the duplex and rented out the upstairs. It was a nice income stream and we didn't need the space. Now, with our growing family (I love saying that), we are reconverting the house back into a single family home. It's a lot of work but has given us something to do while we are waiting. Here are some pictures of the future nursery! Stayed tuned for pictures of the re-painted and furnished nursery (be patient, it may be a while)!